Stories from motherhood

The Traveling Milk Maid

Packing for a vacation is never easy but try adding on the logistics of packing as a pumping momma. Not only is it an extra bag to carry but you have to think about milk storage and cleaning methods. Before my daughter was 10 months old I traveled twice for work and my husband and I took a much needed adult vacation. While for the most part I enjoyed my adult time (even working can count as adult time), keeping up with my pumping schedule and getting milk safely back home to my little one was always top of mind.

Beyond the actual breast pump and parts here are my go-to products that I pack while traveling with the pump:

  • Bottles with caps for storage.
  • Storage bags and adaptors for pumping directly into the bags. These are so much easier to pack when you’re low on space and it is one less thing to sterilize. Even though I have a Medela pump, I use the Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags with the adaptor.
  • Sterilization bags (if you have a microwave in your room). I love my steam sterilizer at home but it is too bulky to take on trips. If I know I’m going somewhere with a microwave I take a Medela sterilization bag with me. They are good for 15 uses each so they last a long time.
  • Cleaning cloths. If I don’t have access to a microwave, these wipes are the next best thing. I personally use the Medela cleaning wipes and find them to be easy to pack.
  • Travel size bottles of liquid dishwashing detergent. Yes, they make bottles small enough to pass the TSA requirements.
  • Cooler with ice packs or zip lock bags to put ice in for the return trip home. My husband can tell you that I’m obsessive when it comes to following the rules on milk storage. Keep the liquid gold cold!
  • Nursing cover. You might ask why the nursing cover if you are pumping rather than nursing. Well, the cover still provides the privacy you need so that you can pump anywhere. I’ve had to pump in the car numerous times! Mine is from Milk Snob and I love that it fully covers my torso without leaving my back exposed. Look for a “canopy cover” from other brands to receive the same amount of privacy.