Tips for Saving Money

Browsing through Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest can spur some serious mom envy, mom guilt and feelings of inadequacy. My kids clothes don’t look that nice! Look how clean their house is. They actually have time to cook a full meal? I need a diaper bag like that.

Trust me, those thoughts have ran through my head many times. Don’t get me wrong, I want the best for my daughter and often have #FOMO. At the same time, I pride myself of being frugal too.

Give yourself permission to miss out or delay big purchases. Your child doesn’t care if they are in the latest season’s fashion or have name brand clothes. If you are able to comfortably afford big ticket items that is great but do not feel that it is a must-have.

Keep in mind, little ones outgrow everything FAST! So how can you keep them fashionable without breaking the bank?

  1. Hello yard sales! Because kids outgrow their clothes and gear super-fast, yard sales are a perfect way for families to declutter. We love community yard sales because we can check out multiple houses at one time. I’ve scored beautiful smocked dresses, even Lily Pulitzer, for next to nothing. Literally, a lady told me to fill up a grocery bag for $5.
  2. Consignment sales: I can only speak for the Charlotte area but these tend to be in the early spring and late summer. Some of my best finds include a Oi Oi leather diaper bag for $20 and Fisher-Price Snugapuppy Cradle N Swing for $25. While there are some consignment sales operated by private organizations, many are hosted by churches.
  3. Craigslist: Now, now. I know you are thinking Craigslist is sketch but hear me out. There are amazing deals to be found for kids but safety first. Be sure that you meet sellers in public places or bring someone with you if it is a bulky item. We found a posting for Avery’s crib and mattress ($100 total) and the sellers ended up being in our neighborhood. Score!
  4. Facebook marketplace and selling communities: I think this makes people feel a lot better because they can actually see a profile and picture of the seller but same safety rules apply. Look for Facebook groups with the “for kids” or some variation in the title. This way you are not having to browse past couches and lawn mowers while in search for your kids power wheels.
  5. End of season sales: Since kids can grow at different rates, don’t go overboard with these purchases but you should be able to make a good guess as to what size they will wear the next year.
  6. Friends and family: Assuming that they are finished having kids, some may be willing to share items that they didn’t use or that their kids already outgrew. However, wait for the offer rather than asking for the hand me downs.

Where have you found great baby gear finds?